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Domestic Violence
Here are the top ten articles for the Domestic Violence Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Color Me Butterfly Book Review
In Color Me Butterfly author L.Y. Marlow shares the story of four generations of women in her family who suffered years of abuse and violence. Their stories are testaments of overcoming pain and embracing triumph.

2. Celebrities and Domestic Violence
Yes, even famous people abuse or are the victims of domestic violence. Here is a look at some cases that have made headlines over the years.

3. National Domestic Violence Statistics
Statistics provided by the Family Violence Prevention Fund. These statistics are mindblowing and sad.

4. Domestic Violence Site Map

5. Amy's Law
Chris never showed any signs of abuse while they were married. The marriage became rocky and after trying counseling, Amy wanted a divorce; Chris didn’t.

6. Athletes and Domestic Violence
I have been stewing about this for days. Athletes who abuse their wives and/or girlfriends. Why isn’t this covered more in the media?

7. Georgia Resources for Domestic Violence
Resources for the state of Georgia.

8. Power and Control - One Woman's Story
This is one woman´s story of how her abuser is still trying to control and manipulate her and her child even after no cantact for nearly 5 years.

9. Resources for Battered Men
Resources for a man who is experiencing abuse. This is an updated listing.

10. The Super Bowl and Domestic Violence
Are there more reports of domestic violence during Super Bowl season? Do men really get that angry and violent during a sporting event that would cause them to cause harm to their wife/girlfriends and their children?

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